Yes! the effect vitiligo has on mental health can be taken care of by meditation. If a woman or a man or a kid with vitiligo wants to cover their white patches with makeup or certain kind of clothing then they should be encouraged because they are being brave and dealing with Vitiligo by facing it head on in their own way. When it comes to meditation Pranic healing is a powerful course which when practiced on a regular basis has helped people quit drugs, and smoking and also helped them move towards a healthier lifestyle. Pranic healing helps people with depression and other mental health conditions feel better and happier therefore I want to recommend this tried and tested method for people with Vitiligo.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that one should not be worried about changing the type of medication they are taking. If allopathic is not working then go for homeopathy. Homeopathy because it might take more time to address the problem but at least it is without side effects. And if that doesn’t work either then try ayurveda. Ayurveda in my opinion is better than allopathic and homeopathy in the long run because it makes one healthier overtime and has no side effects.

To conclude I would say meditation and medication go hand in hand when one’s talking about Vitiligo