Climate Care

Treating Vitiligo with Climatotherapy At the Dead Sea

written by: Nidhi Nangia

While vitiligo is a massive skin disease characterized by discoloration of certain areas of the skin, researchers have found an effective way to treat it naturally. Climatotherapy given at the Dead Sea is found to be extremely helpful in treating your spots. Let’s have a look at how the therapy works, and how much it is effective.
Why Climatotherapy is effective
According to climatotherapy experts, Dead Sea has a number of unique properties that give a perfect environment to vitiligo patients to heal completely:
1. First and most important of these properties is its climate. Dead Sea receives direct sunlight for around 330 days in a year. Because it is situated 400 meters below the sea level, it has less UVB content which is more harmful for the human skin
2. Dead Sea has a high concentration of minerals and salts. It has magnesium that can bring down the hydrogen peroxide level of your skin, and help in treating vitiligo
3. Its water has bromine which is effective in relaxing your muscles and improving your emotional condition. Since stress is a trigger factor for vitiligo, having a happy and relaxed mind can be helpful in healing the pigments
What’s the treatment schedule
During the treatment, you have to wake up early and go in the Dead Sea for a 15 minute swim. Then shower off and go to a men’s or women’s solarium for a nude sunbathe. Initially, you will sunbath for only 5 minutes, but this duration will be gradually increased to 60 minutes. The entire process is repeated thrice a day. Patients will also go for checkups twice a week, and take supplements of B12, folic acid, zinc, copper and others. Any topical products used are made up of 100% natural ingredients, like beeswax, lavender and coconut oil.
Most patients see small repigmentations on their skin within 14 days of climatotherapy treatment. After returning home, they are prescribed using some wellness oils for continual progress.
Around 450 vitiligo patients have been treated at the Dead Sea so far, and the numbers are still increasing. So, if you or anyone among your acquaintances has started showing signs of vitiligo, do not be depressed. Head off to the Israeli side of the Dead Sea to get an effective climatotherapy treatment.