New experiments – Spirulina

As a person who hava vitiligo for almost  8 years I can tell certainly  that there are some treatments/products that can help but not cure the situation completely. I  decide to do experiments on my self according to the knowledge that I have today. I know that all treatments and products that help me the until today shows results  after 3 months of use. I talk about Protipc/Dead sea/uvb neroband lamp/meditation. Each treatment was test in a different time but the result  was always after 3 months. I know that I need to test something knew. It must be one thing and not more in purpose to know exactly the influence. Lately I heard more and more  about a new  food suplament ,   Spirulina. I`m going to test it for the next three months  about my body. Wish me luck.

I will publish the results in October 2017


15/10/2017 =>     Unfortunately it doesn’t work !