New Cure For Vitiligo – SCENESSE 

A new treatment for patchy loss of skin pigmentation gives patients, with cases of skin disorder called vitiligo, a new hope. The treatment should be ready after FDA-approved trials for the new drug SCENESSE are completed.

Vitiligo is a widespread skin disease with more than 45 million affected individuals around the world. It’s an autoimmune disease which makes the skin lose pigmentation in some parts after which it spreads through the body.

SCENESSE helps the body reactivate its natural ability to pigment the skin with melanin. The drug is being tested in combination with already established treatment with narrow-band UV light. The goal of these tests is to reduce the necessity of dangerous UV radiation and give patients a safer treatment.

The trials are being done, in both Europe and the USA, with biopharmaceutical company Clinuvel sponsoring the research, as well as conducting the trials.

So far SCENESSE has been safely tested on more than 550 patients and it should soon be available for general treatment of vitiligo.