Sleep as a remedy for vitiligo

Woman sleeping in bed

Vitiligo is a disease that results in depigmentation of the skin at certain regions. The disease destroys melanocytes that are the special cells responsible for producing melanin, the skin’s coloring pigment hence giving rise to localized white skin patches. These white patches usually have a dark or red border and commonly appear on at the back of hands and areas with skin folds such as the genitals, the mouth region or the rectal areas.

Even though the exact cause of the disease remains unknown, experts strongly believed that it is an autoimmune disease whereby the body attacks its own cells. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for the disease directing most attention into its control and healing through the restoration of lost skin color. Besides the use of medicines and surgery to manage the disease, alternative therapies have been suggested as possible solutions for Vitiligo patients. One such alternative therapy is through sleep.

As part of a lifestyle change aimed at treating this disease, it has been suggested that sleeping is helping stop vitiligo. However, sleep is not effective as a solitary approach as part of a complete lifestyle change that advocates for positive social contact, regular exercise and proper nutrition to minimize depigmentation. All these measures are geared towards minimizing the stress experienced by the patients and promoting an overall healthy lifestyle. Increased sleeping hours also serves to elevate the amount of growth hormones produced by the body thus enhancing the healing process.Several patients have attested to the fact that sleep helps vitiligo symptoms when incorporated as part of healthy living.

Even though vitiligo is not inherently painful, it can cause both emotional and psychological torment to the patient, creating urgency in combating its effects. While the application of cosmetics might cover the affected skin patches, it remains a temporary remedy. The medical options on the other hand is deemed as extreme and expensive by other patients. A change in lifestyle might therefore be the most holistic remedy as it heals the body from the inside and later manifests on the exterior.

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