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Vitiligo is a skin disorder whose cause is not yet known. It involves the destruction by the body, of the melanocytes cells-the cells that give color to the skin. The disorder is mainly common in people with autoimmune conditions. It is also said to be genetic and mostly affects people in their twenties.

Lately, climatotherapy at the Dead Sea has proved to work in the treatment of vitiligo, with many patients reporting positives results after undertaking the treatment process. The Dead Sea contains many minerals essential to the body such as silicon, calcium and sodium. Further to this, it contains other minerals crucial in the treatment of vitiligo, such as magnesium and bromine. Magnesium specifically acts as a skin cleanser, an anti-wrinkle agent and also an acne combatant. Magnesium promotes blood circulation, ridding dry skin through production of new cells. This mineral is therefore especially crucial in the treatment of vitiligo.

The Dead Sea also receives a lot of sunlight that is less harmful to the skin as compared to other parts of the world. This therefore means a vitiligo patient who in normal circumstances should not expose themselves to much sunlight can remain exposed to the sun for a long period of time without any potential harm to the person’s skin at the Dead Sea. The person can choose to just sun-bathe or swim. Israel is also equipped with well experienced dermatologists who can guide the patient in the treatment of vitiligo. The treatment charges are also much cheaper there.

The treatment takes place in a period of six weeks or more where exposure to UVB light is crucial. The pigmentation process is said to continue for a period of eight months. Mud wraps, taking of multi-vitamins and use of skin wellness oils are also incorporated in the overall treatment of vitigo.